Curry Rolls Recipe with Spinach and Apricot Chutney

curry rolls 7

These crispy spinach curry rolls recipe are India’s answer to burritos. This meal only takes 30 minutes to make its quick and easy

Greek Style Shrimp Scampi Pan Roast with Tomatoes

Greek Style Shrimp scampi

Pan roasting is my favorite way to prepare dinner. Pan roasts that feature quick-cooking shrimp is even better! Onions and tomatoes roasted first, then shrimp

Garlic Steak Banh Mi Recipe with A Nice Cabernet

Garlic Steak Banh Mi Recipe with Pickled Carrots

Banh Mi sandwiches are a staple in Vietnamese street food culture. This sandwich is stacked with meat—typically pork—pickled veggies, and fresh herbs. I've decided to change it up a little and use steak.

Rosemary Monster Pork Chop and wine pairing

There is nothing more americana than pork chops. And there is nothing more american than your appetite craving comfort food and a regular-size cut of meat just won't do.

The Mediterranean Diet is it for you?

wine pasta Mediterranean diet 6

The Mediterranean diet is one of the tastiest diets out there. If you search Mediterranean diet recipes you will find millions of recipes.

Manhattan Fish Chowder with Garlic Ciabatta Bread

What makes this Manhattan fish chowder iconic and what separates it from traditional clam chowder? It is the absence of cream and the addition of tomatoes. What gives this dish that extra special touch is the sauté strained. The chopped tomatoes that adds concentrated flavor. The result is lighter, fresher, and more healthier. However, instead … Continue reading Manhattan Fish Chowder with Garlic Ciabatta Bread

Three-Cheese Cannelloni with Chopped Italian Salad

Three-Cheese Cannelloni

Cannelloni is very similar to a lasagna noodle in rolled-up form. The sauce cooks in a skillet, then cannelloni are nestled in and baked to perfection. Don't be worried by the excess sauce.

Cilantro Chicken and Rice with a nice Pinot Noir

Cilantro Chicken and Rice 10

Cilantro Chicken and Rice Mix spicy jerk seasoning, fresh cilantro, bell peppers, onions, and broth together with braised juicy chicken thighs and rice and you have a real crowd-pleaser. A flavorful Mexican stewed cilantro chicken and rice recipe. First, we coarsely chop the onion; then do the same to the cilantro stems and leaves. Reserve … Continue reading Cilantro Chicken and Rice with a nice Pinot Noir