Tips for choosing the Best Coffee beans

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Here are a few tips for choosing the best coffee beans for you.

A cup of coffee in the morning can help you wake up, kick-start your day, and give you that boost to start your tasks. But how do you know what coffee beans will produce a good cup for you? There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to coffee beans. Some people prefer the brewed variety from their local shop while others opt for instant coffee. To help you make an educated choice, I’ve collected some useful tips on choosing the best coffee beans.

Choose the best type of coffee for you

Coffee may be one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is one of the most important commodity in international trade. The popularity of coffee has spread all over the globe and has given rise to a number of coffee houses. Today, in fact, you can find coffee in almost every corner of the world. You can get coffee from different kinds of roasts. However, they all have their own distinct taste and aroma. For this reason, people should know their preference when they are choosing the best type of coffee.

There are different types of coffee beans that can be bought in the market today. Some are Arabica beans while others are Robusta beans. The Arabica coffee beans have high quality and have a stronger and more complex taste compared with Robusta coffee beans. For people who have no idea what kind of type of coffee they would like to use, it is essential to know their preference when it comes to choosing a type of roast for their cup of Joe or Java. They should consider factors such as price, flavor, bean type and brand before purchasing their favorite brew.*

What Caffeine level do you love

How much caffeine do you want in a cup of coffee? If you are like me, then you’re hooked on caffeine and want as much as possible. But if you’re like my wife, you don’t really need any caffeine, and three cups will give you a headache. The difference is not so much how long we brew the coffee, or how darkly we roast the beans; it’s how finely the beans are ground. A finer grind allows more caffeine to be extracted per unit time. One thing this means is that if your coffee isn’t strong enough, the problem may not be with your brewing technique. You may simply need to use more finely ground coffee. There are two other things that can determine strength:

How coarsely the beans were roasted (coarser roasts allow for stronger brews). How fresh the beans are (older coffees need more brewing time). If your coffee comes from a retail outlet in bags with one-way degassing valves, then most of their “freshness” claims have nothing to do with how fresh the coffee actually is — it’s just a measure of how much air was let into the bags after roasting. The less air that gets in after roasting, the fresher your coffee will be.

Choose the right bean

Choosing the best coffee beans is not terribly complicated. Indeed, it is one of those areas where buying expensive brands and paying attention to marketing is likely to make things worse, not better. The most important thing is freshness. If you grind your own coffee, that’s simple: grind it just before you brew it. But when you buy coffee in bags or cans, how do you know how long it has been sitting around? The answer is roast date. You want to buy coffee that was roasted within the last week or two; anything older than that is stale. Most supermarket brands don’t even indicate roast dates, making you think they have stock from every harvest for the past year or two; avoid them if possible.

If you are looking for a specific roast style (say, dark) you can limit yourself to a particular roaster or brand, but otherwise look first at roasters who indicate the roast date on their packaging. Cherry Street Coffee Roasters in Seattle and Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters in Kansas City are two examples of roasters who print a roast date on their bags; Starbucks often prints a “best by” date but doesn’t list the day of the month—you’ll have to look inside the bag to find out more precisely when.

The only way you will find a coffee bean that suits you perfectly is if you do a bit of tasting. When it comes to coffee, do not be afraid to ask questions and try things out. You might just find that your morning coffee can be even better than you thought before.