Plant-Based Food Is Taking Over The Restaurant Industry And We Are Not Going Back

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Plant-based food has officially taken over the restaurant industry. Even meat-loving chains like White Castle, Burger King, and Wendy’s are releasing vegan options nationwide to meet customer demand. Going forward, more and more restaurants are sure to follow suit. One of the most compelling reasons why plant-based foods will take over the restaurant industry is due to the health benefits they offer. The average person is cutting back on beef as well as fried foods, especially after learning of their detrimental health effects. Most fast-food chains have since adjusted to accommodate this trend by adding healthier appetizers, sides, and drinks to their menus, most of which are based on fresh produce and grains. As for other reasons why plant-based foods will take over the restaurant industry, you can read about them below:

Plant-based food is a rising trend in the restaurant industry and will continue to rise. By 2022, plant-based meat alternatives are expected to take over the $2.5 trillion global meat market. There’s already a plethora of vegan restaurants opening up around the world, and many more to come. Plant-based food is here to stay, and we’re just beginning to see how it can change the future of food.

How Plant-Based Food Is Changing The Future of Restaurants

According to Forbes contributor Simon Young, plant-based food is “the future of food.” In his article, How Plant-Based Food Will Take Over the Restaurant Industry in 2022 , he breaks down how plant-based foods are taking over the restaurant industry. He says that people are moving away from animal products for health reasons or as a result of animal welfare concerns. This has created a demand for plant-based meat substitutes that are healthier and more sustainable than their animal counterparts. Young also points out that many people eat vegetarian or vegan meals when they eat out because they don’t have time to cook their own meals at home.

Here Are More Reasons Why Plant-Based Food Is Taking Over The Restaurant Industry:

Ethical eating ideals

More and more people, especially millennials, are turning towards a plant-based diet and away from meat. This is due to health concerns, the negative environmental impact of meat consumption and the way animals are treated.

The result of this trend has been an increase in vegetarian restaurants across the world. In addition to this, there has also been an increase in vegan restaurants as people start to look at veganism as a lifestyle rather than just as a dietary choice.

Environmental awareness

The future looks bright for clean and green vegan eats with more consumers demanding plant-based food. This is demonstrated by a recent study conducted by Google which revealed that the term “vegan” is the fastest-growing search term on the internet. The rise in popularity of plant-based food is also illustrated by a report published by GlobalData which stated that Americans are predicted to consume 6.3% less red meat and poultry in 2019 than they did in 2018. Another study published by GlobalData revealed that 27% of consumers have either reduced their meat intake or are considering reducing it, whilst 30% of consumers who have not made any changes to their diets intend to do so over the next 12

Tasty and Healthy

When people start living a more health conscious lifestyle, they tend to become more aware of what they are eating. They want to be able to eat delicious and healthy food without having to compromise one for the other. 

Plant-based food allows you to do just that. Vegan food has been gaining popularity in recent years and it is not hard to see why. The food is delicious and filling. Even the most skeptical people are pleasantly surprised after trying vegan dishes.


The vegan diet is getting more popular, which means that the market for it expands too. That is great news for everyone, because new products come out every day, making plant-based food more affordable than it used to be. Some grocery stores even have entire sections dedicated to vegan products with prices lower than their animal based counterparts!

It’s only natural to assume that technology is the main reason for this shift, but it’s not.  What’s causing the plant-based food revolution is the growing population of people who are developing a taste for healthier dishes.

In fact, in a recent report from GlobalData, it predicted that by 2022 the plant-based food industry will reach $5.2 billion .

So why is this happening? I believe it’s because of the changing eating habits of consumers and their growing awareness about animal welfare issues.

The rise of social media makes people more aware of what they are putting in their bodies, and how it affects their wellbeing. This has encouraged them to start prioritizing health over convenience, leading them to choose healthier options for themselves and their families.

And now that we have access to so much information about what we’re eating and where our food comes from, people are becoming more concerned about the treatment of animals. They don’t want to support an industry that exploits animals’ natural instincts just to make money.

People have become aware that they can have good food without hurting animals, and they’re flocking toward these foods like never before.”