Scott Jackman

Scott Jackman

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This is My Story

Hi, my name is Scott and I love food. Food makes me feel good and I learned at an early age, that if I want to get that feeling I need to learn how to cook for myself.

The first dish I can remember cooking was green spaghetti  I think the official term is “pesto with pasta”.

But to an 8-year-old it was green spaghetti. I knew to have it taste really good you needed to add 2 containers of “Buitoni Pesto”.

Now 8-year-old me had no clue about nutrition or eating healthy. All I knew was that one container was ok but two was amazing. After I was done stuffing my face with two full plates of pasta I felt good, like really good. So good, that sometimes I would go for another serving and then have the left overs for breakfast the next day.

From an early age I knew food made me happy, the best way to make me happy, was  to make the food the way I liked it.

So now every-time I have something good, I try to learn how to make it, and improve it to the point where I feel like an 8-year-old kid again. Therefore I created life times Vibes to take you on my food journey of posting recipes and telling you how I would make them better.

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