New Year Global Celebrations – A Dish For Luck!

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New Year Traditions Celebrations: 2020 has been an extraordinary year for everyone on the planet Earth! Going back to normal, as we once knew it, will take on new meaning in the upcoming year.

happy new year

Since change appears to be the dominant force in our new normal, let’s have a unique celebration to welcome in 2021!

As we push out the old and welcome in a new year of hope and opportunity, let’s throw in a dash of luck for good measure.

happy new year

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity. 

So let’s prepare an international smorgasbord of good luck eats this year to invoke luck from every culture across the planet.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Get creative. Make it representative…and always, always celebratory!

happy new year

Here are a few international food ideas for your New Year celebration.  

See which ones would compliment your festive New Year Celebration… and remember to add a little “luck” on the side:

Asia: Noodles and Fish
Bahamas: Junkanoo
Brazil: Sopa de Lentilhas
Cuba: Roast Suckling Pig
Denmark: Marzipan Ring Cake (Kransekage)
Germany: Marzipan Pigs
Greece: Vassilopita
Italy: Lentils and Pork

Kenya: Nyama Choma

Mexico: Rosca de Reyes
Nigeria: Fish Stew
Philippines: Round Fruits
Scotland: Hogmanay
Southern U.S.: Black-Eyed Peas
Spain and Portugal: 12 Grapes
Sweden : Rice Pudding
Turkey: Pomergranates

Happy New Year!