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5 Foods New York is Known For: A Guide to the Best of NYC Cuisine

Do you want to try the best food that New York has to offer? Then you need to check out this guide to the 5 foods that New York is known for! These dishes are iconic and will give you a true taste of what this amazing city has to offer.

So, without further ado, here are the five foods you need to try when you’re in New York City:

Pizza – Of course, pizza is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about New York food. And for good reason! New York-style pizza is thin and crispy, with a delicious sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. If you’re looking for a classic New York dish, you can’t go wrong with pizza.

Hot Dogs – Another iconic New York dish is the hot dog. This simple but delicious snack can be found all over the city, and there are plenty of variations to choose from. From classic hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish to more creative options like chili dogs or bacon-wrapped dogs, there’s something for everyone.

Bagels – Bagels are a New York staple, and there’s no better place to get them than at a local bagel shop. These chewy, doughy treats come in all sorts of flavors and can be topped with anything from cream cheese to salmon. If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast or snack, bagels are the way to go.


Pastrami – New York is home to some of the best delis in the country, and pastrami is one of the most popular items on the menu. This cured beef is usually served on rye bread with pickles and mustard, and it’s absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for a hearty meal, be sure to try some New York-style pastrami.

Coney Island Hot Dog – Finally, no list of New York food would be complete without the Coney Island hot dog. This famous frankfurter is served with a spicy chili sauce and onions, and it’s a must-try for any first-time visitor to the city. Head to Coney Island for the best experience, but you can find these hot dogs all over New York.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your New York food tour now! These five dishes will give you a taste of the best that New York has to offer. Enjoy!


5 Boston Foods You Have to Try

Boston is a city with a lot of culinary traditions. If you’re visiting, or just looking to try some new foods, here are five dishes you have to try!

Boston Cream Pie: A dessert made of two layers of sponge cake, with a layer of custard in the middle, and chocolate frosting on top.

Fried Clams: The classic New England seafood dish – clams that are battered and fried until crispy. Fried clams are a classic dish in New England, and for good reason – they’re delicious! The clams are battered and fried until crispy, and then served with tartar sauce or lemon wedges.

Lobster Rolls: Slices of lobster meat, mayo, and celery, served on a toasted bun. Boston is known for its delicious seafood, and lobster rolls are one of the best examples. The lobster is sliced into small pieces and mixed with mayonnaise and celery, then served on a toasted bun. They’re a perfect appetizer or main course, and are sure to satisfy your seafood cravings!

Bean Pie: A dessert made from navy beans, sugar, molasses, butter, eggs, spices, and pastry crust. Bean pie is a dessert that was created in Boston, and it’s definitely one of the most unique foods on this list. The beans are cooked until soft, then mixed with sugar, molasses, butter, eggs, and spices. The mixture is poured into a pastry crust and baked until golden brown. If you’re looking for a unique and delicious dessert, be sure to try bean pie!

New England Clam Chowder: A thick soup made from clams, potatoes, onions, celery, and cream. New England clam chowder is a thick and creamy soup made from clams, potatoes, onions, celery, and cream. It’s a classic New England dish, and is sure to warm you up on a cold day!

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re looking for more Boston food recommendations, check out our blog post on the best places to eat in the city.

Did we miss your favorite Boston food? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to add it to our list! And if you’re looking for more Boston food recommendations, check out our blog post on the best places to eat in the city. Thanks for reading!

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Restaurants and the Paycheck Protection Program

In these crazy times food lovers are worried about their favorite restaurants. How will they survive in the time of Covid 19. There is hope last week the US government passed “The CARES Act”. This bill has provided funding for up to$350 billion.

This money is being dedicated to preventing layoffs also business closures. Workers have to stay home during the outbreak is why PPP is needed.

Companies with 500 employees or fewer that maintain their payroll during Coronavirus, will receive up to 8 weeks of cash-flow assistance. 

For our foodie lover out there we are very concerned with the local restaurants and their workers. Below are a series of questions that many restaurant owners are asking about “The Cares Act.”

man or barman cooking smoothie at vegan cafe

Q: How do I as a restaurant owner apply for a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program?

The program is run through the  Small Business Administration. They have established a network of 1,800 approved lenders that process small business loans.

If you are interested in a Paycheck Protection Program loan, you should first contact your bank to see if it is an SBA-approved lender. If your bank is not an SBA-approved lender, you can get in-touch with SBA and find an approved bank to work with.

Q: When will the new funding be made available to my restaurant?

The Trump’s administration treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last Monday on Fox Business Network that small business loans will be made available starting Friday April 3rd.

Detailed instructions on how to apply for them are to be added to the Small Business Administration’s website.

Q: Would my restaurant qualify under the Paycheck Protection Program?

Small businesses, nonprofits, tribal business concerns that meet the SBA’s standard business size definition and veterans organizations organized under 501(c)(19) with fewer than 500 employees are eligible for loans under the program.

If you are in the food service business, the 500-employee cap is applied on a per-physical-location basis, according to a fact sheet published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

There are criminal penalties for submitting false information on loan applications.

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Q: How much money can my restaurant receive through the new loan program?

The Paycheck Protection Program allows for small business loans of up to $10 million to certain expenses and payroll.  The SBA has other loan programs, including the federal disaster relief program, offer much smaller loans that you might be eligible for.

Q: What time period is covered by Paycheck Protection Program loans?

The PPP loans are good from costs incurred retroactive to Feb. 15 through June, 30 2020.

Q: Will I have to pay back the loan and or will it eventually be forgiven?

The answer is yes. But first you need to understand eligibility for loan forgiveness starts eight weeks after the loan origination date. There is a maximum 10-year maturity after application for loan forgiveness. 

The act includes loan forgiveness for companies able to keep employees on payroll or continue paying bills throughout the coronavirus crisis.

The Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness will include payroll costs for individuals who don’t earn more than $100,000 in annual income. Mortgage and rent obligations, including interest and utility payments are included for this program

There are some limitations to these loans. The total amount of forgiveness will be reduced if your workforce is shrunk. By through attrition or if you reduce wages.

If you are have to lay off your workers because of bad economic conditions, you may be able to preserve some of your loan guarantee by hiring them back.