The Wonderfulness of Spam: 5 Fun Facts

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Although I only eat it about once or twice a year, I love Spam.  Why, you may wonder? Processed meat is a no-no on most healthy food lists.  And my particular dietary needs dictate minimizing processed foods.

However, when I do have my favorite pumpernickel, mayonnaise and Spam sandwich, it engenders such comfort and satisfaction!

Brings back warm childhood memories, when Spam and government cheese was all our family could afford at the time.

5 Fun Facts about spam

Developed in 1937 by the Hormel Corporation in Austin Minnesota, Spamtown, USA.

Consists of processed pork shoulder, water, salt, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrate.

An absolute favorite in the Hawaiian Islands, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

Annual Spam Festival, SpamJam, eld in Waikiki, Oahu and Spam Museum in  Austin, Minnesota.

Spam flavors:  Regular, Black Pepper, Jalapeño, Chorizo, Teriyaki, with Bacon, Hickory Smoke, and Hot & Spicy, with Tabasco sauce.