Smile Brilliant cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush Review 


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Most people know Smile Brilliant for their teeth whitening systems, and now you can add an incredibly nice, affordable ultrasonic toothbrush with a crazy amount of useful features. For most of my life, I have used an old school manual toothbrush. But last year, after a visit to the dentist, I decided to upgrade to an electric toothbrush

And I have been using my electric toothbrush for about a year now, and it got the job done better than the manual. But I still felt that it was still a chore that I had to get over and done with.  Did my mouth feel clean after using it? Sure – so I was satisfied or so I thought.  

But then I got the opportunity to use the cariPRO™ and realized that there was a whole another level to this teeth cleaning business.


When I first opened the box I noticed it had five different cleaning modes! Each time you brush you can choose from clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive.  Since I was used to using an electric toothbrush, I jumped right in and started on the highest setting, the white cleaning mode, and, man, was I surprised! It was intense, but in a very good way. Before I get to my experience, let me go over some of the features of this toothbrush.

My first impression of the cariPRO™ out of the box.

When you open the box, you are greeted with a sleek space-age looking brush.  I was surprised how lightweight it is and how soft the handle felt. It came with very small round docking station that can fit on any bathroom counter.  

Also included in the package, along with the toothbrush, were 2 replacement toothbrush heads (super easy to switch) and the docking station with cord.  Just plug it in and it is ready to go when you need it. The toothbrush battery will last up to thirty days, but I always leave it on the recharging docking station. 

What can the cariPRO™ do?


There are only two buttons on the handle.  The power button and the button that switches between the different cleaning modes.  This ultrasonic toothbrush has 5 unique modes – clean, whitening, massage, gum care, and sensitive.

CLEAN MODE: It’s the base setting for the toothbrush. It’s like a manual toothbrush on steroids. It gives you that dentist-clean feeling you set out for when you buy an electric toothbrush. This mode is perfect if you’re a no fuss tooth-brusher. It isn’t too hard on your mouth and gets the job done.

WHITE MODE: This is the mode I used when I first tried out the cariPRO™. It’s definitely the most intense mode and by far my favorite. This mode is soft enough to enjoy brushing your teeth, intense enough to feel it working.

MASSAGE MODE: I have always heard that massaging your gums while brushing your teeth is the preferred way to do it. But I never understood the idea. I have always been the type of person who gets in and out as fast as possible. But when I saw the cariPRO™ had a massage mode, I knew I had to try it. And guess what…I liked it. I’d recommend using it with either the clean, sensitive, or white settings as it’s only a 30-second use. It’s an extra treat for your gums.

GUM CARE MODE: The gum care mode is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a simple, low setting that sets out to massage your gums and it is flawless. So often we ignore how important gum health is to overall dental care and this setting serves as a great reminder!

SENSITIVE MODE: I have used this mode the least. I don’t have sensitive teeth, so I didn’t feel the need to use it. But if you do have sensitive teeth, this is a great option for you.


1 toothbrush, 2 brush heads  and 1 charging dock : $119

1 toothbrush, 4 brush heads and 1 charging dock: $129

2 toothbrushes, 4 brush heads  and 2 charging docks: $199

Additional toothbrush heads are:  2 for $13, 4 for $23, and 8 for $43

How does the cariPRO™ feel?

After every brushing session, my mouth feels clean and fresh.  The first time I used it, it felt like I just came back from the dentist’s office.  I ran my tongue across my teeth and everything felt super clean!

cariPRO™do I enjoyed using it? 

The answer is a big fat yes! I truly do love this toothbrush. It only takes 2 minutes and my teeth get awesomely clean.  This brush is definitely several steps up from my last toothbrush.  If you are in the market for a great, affordable toothbrush, you will find it with the cariPRO™ 

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