5 pantry Items that won’t expire on you

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When stored correctly, these everyday household items will last for years, sometimes decades. The best past is most them will last even after they’ve been opened. These items will lose very little, if any, of their original quality and flavor. So before you clean out your pantry think twice before tossing one of these items. If you’ve been handling it correctly, chances are it’s just fine to keep.


White, wild, arborio, jasmine and basmati rice all have an amazing shelf life. Brown rice is a little different because of its higher oil content, it won’t keep nearly as long. To keep fresh store in a cool, dry area. Once opened, place the rice in a sealed airtight container or a resealable heavy-duty freezer bag. If you want to keep it supper protected, store rice in the refrigerator or freezer.

Closeup of mixed rice
Closeup of mixed rice


White, brown or powdered it’s all the same sugar never spoils because it doesn’t have bacterial growth. The real challenge especially with fine sugar is to prevent it from becoming clumped and rock-hard. To keep it fresh store sugar in a cool, dry area.

white and brown sugar sand and refined sugar


Pure honey is as durable as it is yummy; and keeps indefinitely. Honey may change color or crystallize over time, but that won’t make it spoil. If you want to make your honey last, store in a cool area and keep tightly closed. Revive crystallized honey by placing the opened jar in warm water and stirring until smooth.

natural organic honey and honeycomb on a wooden table


is great for any kind of marinade or salad dressings, distilled white vinegar will remain virtually unchanged as the years pass by. Make sure to store vinegar a cool, dark area.

Bottles with oil and vinegar
Bottles with various types of oil and vinegar on white background


It’s a must-have for when you are making sauces, or gravies. Cornstarch will keep indefinitely if it’s kept dry and free from contaminants. Once again store in a cool, dry area; keep package tightly closed between uses.

Bowl of corn grits corncob and corn flour on kitchen table
Bowl of corn grits corncob and corn flour on kitchen table

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