Rocky Mountain Oysters – Yum!

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Rocky Mountain Oysters

Surprise…Rocky Mountain Oysters are not oysters! Fact is…they’re bull testicles. They’re infamous in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, usually battered and deep fried.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

A dish not only indigenous to the Rocky Mountain region, but anywhere in the world where there is animal breeding such as cattle, bison, lamb and/or sheep, the likelihood of a local affinity for “Rocky Mountain Oysters” may be quite prevalent.

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In the U.S. alone, Rocky Mountain oysters are so popular in towns like Severance, Colorado, Ashland, Nebraska, Deerfield, Michigan; Olean, Missouri.; Tiro, Ohio; and Huntley, Illinois that they hold testicle festivals every year. 

Like any delicacy, rumors abound about its sexual potency.  Usually, that heightens the apparel for the adventurous.

However, Rocky Mountain oysters are certainly not for the squeamish!

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Eating the actual oysters has been described this way:

There’s no good way to say this: They were surprisingly juicy. And I know this is cliche, but the bison tasted like chicken. The lamb was similar in taste and texture. But the beef was in a league all their own, chewy and meaty and full of a unique flavor somewhere between liver and gizzard.”   Luke Runyon

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Yum!! Rocky Mountain Oysters

Hold back your gag reflex and remember that what’s disgusting offal “meatballs” to some is cowboy caviar to others.

No judgement here…

And believe it or not, adventurers and Rocky Mountain Oysters aficionados  can even purchase them on Amazon – a 10lb bag for $218.40!

So order yours today!

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