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Our collection of fish recipes and seafood recipes are swimming in hundreds of ways to prepare fish–broiled, grilled, pan-fried and poached dishes.

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Manhattan Fish Chowder with Garlic Ciabatta Bread

What makes this Manhattan fish chowder iconic and what separates it from traditional clam chowder? It is the absence of cream and the addition of tomatoes. What gives this dish that extra special touch is the sauté strained. The chopped tomatoes that adds concentrated flavor. The result is lighter, fresher, and more healthier. However, instead of traditional oyster crackers, we’ve added toasted garlic bread for dipping. Tip for cooking Manhattan Fish Chowder The hardest part of this dish is building the soup. Above all, Pay close attention to the ratios, add chopped tomatoes and cook until very dry, about...
Seared Salmon over Farro 91
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Seared Salmon over Farro

Seared Salmon over Farro I do love salmon… and this recipe adds a little different twist to your average salmon dish. Plump medjool dates known for their rich, caramel-like flavor are a sweet surprise inside our hearty medley of farro and yummy sautéed vegetables. A dollop of creamy, garlicky labneh (yogurt cheese) is the perfect complement to the lightly seasoned salmon dish. You served the salmon on top of the farro and you have yourself a delicious dish. For those who are new to the grain craze, farro is an ancient, high fiber, whole grain, sold dried, and prepared...