Liverwurst You either like it or you hate it

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Liverwurst recipes

Eating liverwurst is usually an acquired taste.  A spreadable sausage, liverwurst is made from a mixture of organ meat like pig and calves liver and assorted spices. 

High in protein and a rich source of fat soluble vitamins and minerals, liverwurst has a fan following throughout Europe, but particularly in Germany.


So what do you do with this “exotic” sausage delicacy? 

You can:

Use it as a sandwich spread like a pâté. If you’re a liver and onions fan, then you can pan fry it also with onions. Top some slices with your favorite spreadable cheese.


Use it as an ingredient in soups and stews. Or use it as a dip, mixing it with mayonnaise and seasonings of your choice. Liverwurst is not for everyone, particularly if you have an aversion to eating organ meat.  

However, if you do not, then try one of our favorite sandwiches – L.L.T. –  liverwurst, lettuce, onion and tomato on pumpernickel bread spread with mayonnaise…delish!


Or toodle down memory lane via the children’s classic, A Wrinkle in Time, where Mrs. Murray’s son makes her a liverwurst sandwich. 

Still intrigued?  Then make your own!

As a young child, our single parent mom used to give us liverwurst sandwiches on a regular basis because liverwurst was a very affordable food item.


Here’s an idea – 

Since most Oktoberfest celebrations are cancelled this year because of Covid-19, celebrate at home with some liverwurst specials and imported german beers. Prost! (translates “Cheers” in German)