How To Make A Piña Colada

Declared the official drink of Puerto Rico in 1978, the Piña Colada’s creation is contested by two San Juan spots: Barrachina Restaurant and Caribe Hilton. But it was Caribe Hilton

How To Make A Caipirinha

The Caipirinha (kai/pee/reen/ya) is the national drink of Brazil. The base spirit cachaça (ka/cha/sa) is made from sugar and considered to be in the rum family,but it is much more vegetal and earthy than other styles of rum.

How To Make A Mai Tai

Mai Tai (2)

The name “mai tai” most likely comes from the Tahitian saying “mai tai roa,” which more or less means “out of this world.”

How To Make A Mojito

If you make the classic Daiquiri, add some mint and club soda, and serve it over ice, you have the Mojito. The origins of this drink are generally traced back to Havana, Cuba, but it’s hard to know who invented it.

How To Make A Daiquiri


The Daiquiri is generally credited to Jennings Cox, an American engineer in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Cox may have created the cocktail to prevent yellow fever in his workers or when he ran out of gin during a party.