Lemony Paprika Shrimp with Grits and Wilted Spinach

Lemony Paprika Shrimp with Grits8

Shrimp and grits is a traditional Southern breakfast dish. Originating from the "low country" of coastal South Carolina.

Sweet & Sour Swedish Meatballs with Garlic Mash

Sweet & Sour Swedish Meatballs 9

Swedish-style meatballs made with grass-fed ground beef. The sweet and sour brown sauce includes tart cherry preserves as well as beef broth for a savory flavor.

Four-Cheese Ravioli alla Norma

Four-Cheese Ravioli alla Norma with Crispy Garlic Breadcrumbs. Ravioli "alla Norma" translates into a delicious tomato sauce with pieces of fried or sautéed eggplant scattered throughout.

The Mediterranean Diet is it for you?

wine pasta Mediterranean diet 6

The Mediterranean diet is one of the tastiest diets out there. If you search Mediterranean diet recipes you will find millions of recipes.

Three-Cheese Cannelloni with Chopped Italian Salad

Three-Cheese Cannelloni

Cannelloni is very similar to a lasagna noodle in rolled-up form. The sauce cooks in a skillet, then cannelloni are nestled in and baked to perfection. Don't be worried by the excess sauce.

Steak Marinade Tips for Grilling

Selection of marinated meat for grilling in a grill display serving a slice with vegetables and honey on a concrete dark background. Top view with copy space

There is nothing better than a juicy steak. It can instantly make your mouth water and put a smile on your face.

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

Grilled fillet steaks on stone table

Before you start cooking the perfect steak, get the steak out of the fridge and allow it to come up to room temperature about one hour before cooking – frying or grilling it from cold will stop the heat from penetrating to the middle as efficiently.

Shrimp Spinach Pasta Recipe with Dill Pesto Olives

Today we’re going to combine shrimp, rigatoni, fresh spinach, and Kalamata olives with a pesto made from dill, green scallions, garlic and olive oil. This simple dish is perfect meal for when you crave carbs.